DATA MANAGEMENT  Data-driven marketing has always been our core business.
We can help you build smarter marketing campaigns that yield better results. Our expertise in database management and powerful analytical tools enables us to provide customized marketing database solutions. Since, 1985, AstroComp has provided direct marketers with the most advanced data processing and database management services. Our ability to integrate data resources, fulfillment , lettershop services,  production processes, delivery capabilities and response services allows us to form customized, focused solutions for clients. Our database management software fully integrates direct access, reporting and customer interactions on the Web.

Our services include: Reformatting and cleaning your data,  List  Hygiene CASS Certification,   Merge/Purge/Purge,  List Fulfillment: (Online/Real-Time),  List Maintenance,  Data Entry,  Data Warehousing

PlanetPress Suite A Powerful Variable Data Workflow Solution
Create transactional business documents or enhance existing ones. Documents created with PlanetPress Suite can be printed, archived, emailed and/or faxed as part of a sophisticated output management application driven by the PlanetPress workflow tools.
  • Create high speed, high volume transactional workflow
  • Replace line or impact printers with cut sheet laser
  • Replace legacy printers with current technology (Use your existing data!)
  • Utilize almost any form of input (ASCII, csv, dbf, XML, html, PDF, many more)
  • Eliminate pre-printed forms
  • Improve corporate appearance
  • Automatically output to local and remote printers
  • Distribute documents when and where you need them
  • Conditionally add personalized messages or offers based on customer information
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